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Some months ago, while catching up with some photography reading, I saw mention of the place-name Covesea; if it had been the Lake District, Skye, Glencoe, Iceland or the like, I probably wouldn’t have given it a second thought as photography from those locations can seem ten-a-penny these days. However, Covesea on the Moray coast really caught my attention. The reason being, I was born in Elgin and brought up on my dad’s farm at West Mains, Duffus literally 3 miles as the crow flies from the silver sands of Covesea with which I was familiar as a child. I left the area in 1978.

Isn’t it strange how, one can dismiss one’s home area as a photography desert when so often the reverse is the case. On seeing the images in the article and the photographer’s website I quickly realised that there was a lot more to my home area than I would have imagined. The ‘Featured Photographer’ in the ON LANDSCAPE article was Jim Robertson; when I contacted Jim to compliment him on his images we discovered we had more in common than our love of coastal photography. It transpired we had attended Lossiemouth High School together in the late 1960’s; it really is a small world.

I love to get away to the coast as often as possible so I quickly booked a holiday cottage in the area for the beginning of June. Happily, Jim was free around the same period and we were able to meet up from time to time and to share experiences; or should I say I was able to take advantage of Jim’s intimate knowledge of this fascinating coastline, lying on his doorstep as it does, lucky man!

I’ve put together four posts (to follow) presenting my favourite images from this all too short visit to the Moray coast. In the meantime, to view Jim’s extensive portfolio of inspiring coastal imagery, check out this link to JIM ROBERTSON PHOTOGRAPHY. I can also highly recommend our holiday cottage on the DUFFUS ESTATE.

me with my Grandpa McIntosh | 4th July 1956 | Covesea | Moray

Me (aged 2 years) with my Grandpa Daniel McIntosh | 4th July 1956 | Covesea | Moray
I’ve been told this was the first time I ventured into the sea!
photo by: M.F.C. Weir

photographer at work | Prieshach Cove | Moray | photo credit: Jim Robertson Photography

Photographer at work!
Me (aged 63 years) | 2nd June 2017 | Prieshach Cove | Moray
photo by: Jim Robertson Photography

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