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In autumn 2015 I retired from my second career; although strictly speaking I didn’t retire from my earlier job in banking (spanning 22 years) it’s just that the powers that were decided that they had too many staff on their hands and that hundreds had suddenly become surplus to their profit requirements!

With the blessing of my wife, I then evolved as the clichéd bank manager turning a former hobby (albeit at a reasonably advanced level) into a second career as a professional photographer; and for the next 22 years (there goes that same time span again) I photographed literally thousands of wedding, portrait and commercial commissions. However, and I am sure many others who earn their daily crust from photography will agree with me here, inexplicably some of the original fire and passion had worn away over the long years in business; it’s a great pity really.

Anyway, towards the end of 2015 I left professional photography and re-emerged into the world as a hobbyist seeking to re-kindle my earlier enthusiasm and hopefully to continue to improve as a landscape photographer.

Alexander McIntosh Weir (Sandy) is based in beautiful Perthshire | Scotland and is happily married with five talented children and a steadily growing number of grandchildren.