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about the galleries

The Weir View archive galleries (with some images going back over 20 years) serve as visual memories of people, places and events in my life and offer you, the viewer, a window into my long-standing passion for “landscape photography”; this wide-ranging term also encompasses my love of water and seascape photography. In the galleries, will find many diverse images from inspiring locations throughout the British Isles and nearer to home in my county of Perthshire. The aim is to convey to you some of the emotion I experienced and felt at the moment of pressing the shutter.

The “Faces” gallery may seem out-of-place among a plethora of landscape subjects; nevertheless the gallery serves to showcase some of my favourite portrait studies from recent years. Not a few of the “faces” belong to members of my family and extended family.

There is a small icon towards the bottom right in each gallery; click on the icon to show / hide the image captions. This is not available on the mobile friendly version of the site.

Enjoy the View!